I support the Alternatives’ Climate Justice Campaign


Alternatives does not receive any governmental grant-in-aid or funding from private companies to finance its campaigns and its work for climate justice. It is only with your donations that we can make a difference.

Donation to Alternatives' Climate Justice Campaign will enable us to:

  • Publish pages in newspapers (Le Devoir);
  • Publish articles through various media sources (including social medias);
  • Maintain a web site explaining the main issues;
  • Organise mobilization activities with other groups and networks;
  • Have an influence on deputies' decisions and actions by relaying to them, the opinion of the majority that they represent;
  • Meet with people to explain the main issues;
  • Put forward petitions;
  • Invite public figures to join our campaign;
  • And much more!!!

I support Alternatives' Climate justice campaign
I support Alternatives' Climate justice campaign
Flaunt yourself in the medias for the purpose of our Earth
In April, May and June 2012, express yourself on climate change issues and help us to co-finance the three pages we will publish in a renowned newspaper. Being part of the project, you have the opportunity to display your name on our page!
April 22nd's Mobilization
Help Alternatives to set up a large procession with banners and posters during what should be the largest mobilisation for the environment in Quebec history!
Support First Montreal Solidarity Festival
On June 9, 2012, a couple of days before the Rio Summit, Alternatives organizes a Festval of Solidarities with activities to link social and environmental issues. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our solidarities. Help us turn the Solidarity Festival into the year most memorable event